Buying Australian

It's never been easier to buy Australian

The Australian PorkMark Program helps you more clearly identify home-grown, fresh Australian pork. By looking for the distinctive pink Australian PorkMark on Aussie fresh and processed products, it's never been easier to buy and support Australian.


According to a 2008 consumer research project undertaken by Newspoll, 33% of Australians mistakenly believe fresh pork can be imported, when by law, all fresh pork is Australian. However, when it comes to processed pork, the story is less 'locally-friendly'.

Unfortunately, many Australians don't realise that "more than 70% of Australia's processed pork products (ham, bacon and smallgoods) have been produced from cheap, subsidised imported pork," Andrew Spencer  - CEO, Australian Pork Ltd. "This campaign is aimed at allowing consumers to support Australian producers, who produce high quality, safe and nutritious pork products."

Australian Pork's labelling initiative aims to clearly indicate which pork products contain exclusively Australian pork and follows on from similar campaigns that label fresh pork products now on sale in major supermarkets and butchers nationwide.

Look for PRODUCT OF AUSTRALIA or this label:




Over $9.4 million worth of pork imports arrive by boat in Australia every week, which is nearly half a billion dollars heading offshore each year.

There are currently three label claims used to describe the origin of pork products. These are:

  • Product of Australia, which is Australian grown
  • Made in Australia, which can be grown and processed in Australia but potentially contains imported meat; and
  • Made from Imported and Local Ingredients, which is in all likelihood, predominately imported pork.
  • Made from Local and Imported Ingredients, which is most likely to be made from Australian grown pork but using imported spices or cures.

"It is a common sense initiative to clearly articulate to consumers what is and what isn't Australian grown pork," said Mr Spencer. "The current labelling system is very confusing and not informative from a consumer perspective."

So when you buy your ham, bacon and smallgoods, support Aussie farmers and look for the pink Australian PorkMark in butchers and supermarkets.  If you can't find it, ask the manager.

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