Australian PorkMark Bacon Week

It’s Bacon Appreciation Week.

Everyone does it their own way, but Aussie bacon is best.

Everyone has their favourite way to enjoy the magical meat, from savoury to sweet, breakfast to dessert, and this week, Aussie bacon is in the spotlight.

Australian bacon week is about celebrating our love for Australian bacon, while also drawing attention to the threat Australian Bacon faces from imported smallgoods, with 70% of bacon sold in Australia being made from imported pork. To ensure your bacon is made from Australian pork, look for our pink Australian ‘PorkMark’ logo on your products or ‘Product of Australia’.

The highlight of bacon week is our PorkMark Artisan Bacon Awards, see behind the scenes below, or click the links to find out this years winners and participating restaurants.

This year our judges put 125 bacon entries to the test to find the best bacon in Australia.
Judge Paul McDonald
Judge Horst Schurger
Judge Simon Bestley

Watch the judging process below