PorkStar Campaigns

WA PorkStar Campaign Line Up 2021

United by talent, friendship and most importantly food.
These talented chefs and restaurateurs have a passion for their craft and all things pork.
Leading the way with their zero-waste ethos, these pioneers use pork to explore their
creativity and indulge their imagination.
They are carving a new way forward

Pork allows chefs to explore and indulge their imaginations like no other meat. They are PorkStars

Left to Right: • Gord Kahle Head Chef – The Heritage Wine Bar • Susan Whelan Restaurateur – Young George, Ethos Deli & Dining  • Evan Hayter Executive Chef – Arimia • Melissa Palinkas Head Chef and Restaurateur  – Young George, Ethos Deli & Dining  • Guy Jeffreys Executive Chef –  Fogarty Wine Group  • Chase Weber Executive Group Chef – The Standard, The Royal Hotel, Fleur & Willi’s